Pumpkin Carving Tips to Explore This Halloween


With Halloween fast approaching, it extremely important to work on your carving skills. To make honing your skills easier, we compiled a few pumpkin carving hacks that will help you in this regard. These tips range from preserving your jack-o-lanterns to carving methods.

Here are tips to perfect your pumpkin this Halloween season!

Using a Cookie Cutter
Discover a better use of the cookie cutter this October! Carving jack-o-lanterns can be a bit tricky. Place your cookie cutter on the pumpkin and use a mallet to gently hammer the cookie cutter shape into your pumpkin. You can use the impression as a stencil or just cut through the pumpkin.

Apply Petroleum Jelly
Beginners should know that carving pumpkins can be a time-consuming and a weary activity. As such no one would like to see their masterpiece start to mold, especially before Halloween. To avoid this, apply petroleum jelly to preserve your carved pumpkins. Coat the inside of your pumpkin with a thin layer of petroleum jelly to make it last longer.

Work the Power Tools
The most overlooked tools when it comes to carving are power tools. Not many people are aware that electric drills make for perfect pumpkin carving tools. You can create circles in all kinds of different sizes.

These key tips are sure to save you time and make your carving task easier this Halloween, so don't wait! Head off to the many pumpkin patches you can find right here on PumpkinPatches.com to find your perfect pumpkin and start carving!

Let us know in the comments below if you have any quick and easy pumpkin carving tips to share!

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